One Love Cellars - What's love got to do with it?

One Love Cellars - What's love got to do with it?

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One Love Cellars is a story of a dream, passion, love, adversity and loss. It is also the story of determination, dedication, grit and more love.


Winery Wanderings attended Eugene’s annual Art in the Vineyard event in July.  Some of our favorite wineries were there,  pouring some of their special wines. We stopped at the J Scott Cellars booth, hosted by their tasting room Goddess, Vicki Piva.

Vicki recommended that we visit with a new winery called One Love. Vicki knows we love a good story and assured us that they had a very special one. Winery Wanderings was all over this. We love great stories that go with great wines. So off we went, after a quick tasting of J Scott’s incredible Tempranillo and Albarino.

We introduced ourselves to KT Taylor ( Lady of the Vine) and she began to tell us the beautiful story of One Love. After just a few minutes, we knew this was a place we had to visit so we could let others know all about it.

You can’t miss KT. She has the coolest braided ponytail ever and is so passionate about her family’s vineyard and its story. Tears were flowing all around as the story began to unfold. According to their website, “This adventure started in 2006, in an unfinished basement with a bumper crop of raspberries in Michigan. The fermentation obsession brought us from Michigan and Montana, to Oregon in 2010 … and that’s when the real work began. Education, clearing land and getting to know our industry neighbors! We planted our first vineyard block in 2012, and additional acres progressively, with sustainability, stewardship and premium quality fruit at the heart of our farming practices.”

KT and her Mom

Two strong women keep it going

But there’s more to the story than that. This was a dream that KT and her dad shared. Together, they learned everything about farming, wine and grapes and then the dream seemed to be over when KT’s dad passed away suddenly shortly after they came to Oregon. If you spend even a few moments with KT, you will know that tenacity is her middle name. She dug her heels into the dirt and, through sheer determination and grit, kept on going.

Elk in the Vineyard

Off in the distance a small group of elk

Our first visit to the winery was so fun. As we entered the gate, we just knew this place had a special feeling. The view from the deck surrounding the tasting room was spectacular even thought it still under construction. It didn’t matter one bit. One glass of wine with this view was all it took to fall in love. As we stood on the deck admiring the view, I noticed something moving in the far reaches of the property. It looked like a cow, but it was a small herd of elk grazing just off the vineyard. They know this was a perfect place to hang around.

Neal, Kate Marcel and Alyse tasting at One Love

Cheers to this great day of tasting

Let’s talk wine now! One Love took some risks including growing Albarino in the Willamette Valley. The risk paid off! This wine has citrus, tropical and botanical notes that makes it perfect for summer evenings. The other stand out for us was the Big Hearts Bubbles. This great Brut is prepared in the traditional method and is so worth the wait.  Any day is a good day to celebrate with this fun and festive sparkler. One Love also has a selection of Pinot Noir and, particularly, a white Pinot that defies description and a white and a red blend.

There’s something  for everyone at One Love

but mostly, there’s LOVE