About Us

Uncorking Our Dream

9½ years ago, we began our adventure to the Pacific Northwest. We decided since we had only been married a few years (encore marriage) we too wanted to experience something exciting and new.

I’m 68 years old and Alyse is quite a bit younger than I am. We’re both very active and love to travel.

Go West !!!!

Resumes were posted and I got a job with a local bank in Oregon. All we knew about Oregon was it was green and rained all the time. Somehow we were reading the wrong information. I truly believe the Chambers of Commerce didn’t want a lot of transplants. Hence, the rain story.

We found ourselves very involved in the running community and traveled for marathons and half marathons. During these travels we found a winery or ten to stop and taste. Little did we know about the number and quality of wineries in the region.

Fast forward a few years and almost every weekend we find a new winery to visit. One of our closest friends asked us to get together on a particular weekend and we told them we were visiting a winery. His response was this: “ You guys are always visiting wineries, why don’t you start writing a blog about your journeys?” This is where we begin !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Follow us on our adventures to meet great people and share our experiences of tasting wine at it’s source