Weekend Update...Winery Wanderings Style

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abbeloneWhile we haven’t posted on the blog recently, we have still been out and about doing what we love most, one winery at a time,  meeting new friends and seeing old ones.

This past weekend was a perfect example of what we’ve been doing and what we are planning.

Friday night we planned a visit to a relatively new winery right in the city of Eugene, Oregon. We took along some of our friends who had not been there yet.  Abbelone Winery was getting ready to have its very first movie night in the vineyard. It was a little hot at 6 pm. 95 degrees was a tad warm to be sitting outside, so we ventured into their tasting room. It was cool, inviting and best of all, we had the place to ourselves for a minute or two. We even got to taste an almost ready wine still in the barrel, can’t wait for everyone to get a taste. There won’t be much so keep an eye here for more information.

We also got a chance to chat with owners Chris and Angela and talk about their great winery event the week before. They hosted a Paella Dinner in the Courtyard at Abbelone Vineyard. It was an awesome event with only 24 folks, intimate and just plain fun.


jscottWe then headed to one of regular Friday night urban wine stops, J Scott Cellars. They are located in a warehouse district with another winery, a brewery and a food truck. This week’s food truck was Bacon Nation, how can you go wrong?  It’s a great spot with live music, great wine and a cool vibe. We closed the place down and headed home to save our energy for Saturday and Sunday wine tasting events.



We started Saturday with a trip to Walnut Ridge Winery. We were chatting with a couple about wineries and suddenly realized that I knew them from a business setting. I didn’t recognize him with shorts or a baseball cap. Great conversation about our favorite wineries and found out we had the same experiences, both good and bad, at the same places.walnut ridge snack


The owner had just come in and we all got hugs it’s like Cheers where everyone knows your name.


I asked the owner if it was okay if I took some photos for the blog. Jim was happy to oblige took us on a walking tour or the vineyard so I could get some good shots of the emerging grapes. He then asked if we’d like to go on a tour on the entire property to see the newly planted clones and get a spectacular view of the vineyard. Who says no to this?  The photos don’t do justice to the experience.  Our blog is about the experience of tasting wine at its source. Tasting, touring, visiting with new friends and old, and relaxing is all part of the experience. Come join us one day for the same feeling.


As we got back from our tour, we ran into a golf buddy who started out as a wine friend, more great times. Our little wine trip ended up being a 3 ½ hour visit. We love our Winery Wandering lives!

grapesSunday was  more of the same. We visited another wine club named Domaine Meriwether (soon to be renamed Valhalla). It was a wine club pick up event and take some more blog photos.

We also picked out our campsite for our first Wine Camp in the Vineyard. Yes, we’re going camping in the vineyard. We are looking so forward to a weekend of tasting wine, dinner in the vineyard, , brunch, seminars and camping under the stars. We cannot wait for this event.We ran into more friends who decided to join in on wine camp. Let’s get this camping party started right now. This is going to be an epic weekend. Who else wants to join us?

It was another great Winery Wanderings Weekend!

Next up for us is The Annual Wine Bloggers Conference in Lodi, California  August 11-14. Look for live blogging and social media updates from the conference.