Preparing for a Holiday Winery Weekend

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For wineries everywhere, Memorial Day weekend is one of two premier wine tasting weekends during the year (Thanksgiving is the other). In order to have a successful and enjoyable experience, we suggest you follow a few simple guidelines:

Here’s a list of some of our favorites from years past:


sleeping-nowGet a good night’s sleep





healthy breakfast foods

healthy breakfast foods

Have a hearty breakfast






designated driverHave a designated driver







mapMap your route





Develop a game plan. Choose wineries in close proximity to each other. It’s probably best to limit your visits  to no more than four wineries in one day. After three of four, you can easily forget what you’ve tasted and where. Try places you’ve never been. Expand  your taste buds. There are great guides available no matter where you live and what type of wines you like. Locally, we suggest checking out the Oregon Wine Press for information about wines all over the state, or hooking into some of the local wine groups like Prairie Mountain Wineries in the Eugene area, Southern Oregon Wineries in the Rogue Valley, or the amazing Wineries in the Dundee Hills. These are just a few of Oregon’s wine regions, there are hundreds of groups like these all over the country.



You will meet so many new friends and get ideas on where they had  great experiences

Bring business cards to exchange with your new friends

Be patient with the crowds and the servers at the winery. They’re there to enjoy just like you are.



Some wineries are only open for these special holiday events. Those are the ones we try to focus on during these weekends. Follow us on Facebook to see where we’re heading, hope to see you out there for some great wine, great food and great new friends


Finally, KNOW YOUR LIMITS, it should be a fun and festive weekend, not a dangerous one!