At the Intersection of Wine and Gratitude

2 min read

Most people who know me know that I have had a practice of gratitude with my BFF for over 15 years. We exchange a list of five things for which we are grateful via e mail on most days. There are no rules and some days are easier than others. We have learned that the days it is hardest are also the days it is most important.

After a recent media excursion to Prosser, Washington hosted by the Prosser Wine Network, my first thought turned to my gratitude list. It’s funny how finding gratitude and appreciation become a habit when you’ve done this long enough. Following is the gratitude list I did on the drive home from Washington:


Prosser grapes ready for harvest

People who are passionate about their work and the “fruits” (in this case grapes) of their labor


Old structures that are reborn as something else


Seven Gables Pensione


The bridge that wine builds between strangers


Small towns


A Prosser mural

Our good fortune to be included in this media tour

Discovering places that would not otherwise be on our destination map and planning return visits to these places


Washington AVA’s

Really smart people


Sarah Wolcott, Prosser Wine Network


There will be more about this great adventure and the wonderful wine, food and people we shared throughout this trip in the coming weeks.