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A Note from Neal:

Roughly a year ago, we were headed up to one of our wine club pick ups west of Salem,
Oregon. Wine club events can be very crowded and this was one of them. In fact, we just tasted
a few and decided to literally take our wine club selection and bolt.  I remembered there was a winery we had read about that had a great story connected to it about its founder. We also had free tasting card from the Oregon Wine pass, which we’ll share later.

So off we went to Brooks Winery in Amity, Oregon. The story of Jimi Brooks, his vision and very
untimely passing is a story that is captured by a movie called “An American Wine Story.”  It’s a
really great story. Jimi’s passion was organic and bio-dynamic farming. It’s really woo woo, but
after tasting the wines, Holy #$%^&*, We’re down with bio-dynamics. Just Google the term and
enjoy the concept!

So, we get to Brooks and go to the beautiful tasting room. The deck overlooks Mt Hood and Mt
Jefferson. On a clear day……hmm. heard that line somewhere before, it’s unreal.
We slide up to the tasting bar and are told to go sit in one of the leather sofas and they’ll bring
the tasting menu to us. Say What ??  No belly up and wait in line? Did I have too much
wine at the last place ? No, that’s the way they roll.brooks logo
We met Sarah and Jess, who seriously treated us to the very best experience we had ever had at any winery. The service and explanation of the wines we tasted (10 at least) was second to none. We joined their wine club immediately and cancelled the one where we had started the day .

I don’t want to brag too much about Brooks, but this place and their entire management team is TOP SHELF. Their wine club events are amazing. We recently attended Brooks University at Linfield College for the latest Brooks event. We even earned graduation certificates too!

We will continue to view Brooks as our current favorite place, but there are more wineries to
visit. We’ll keep you updated as we visit new ones. Make sure to let us know your favorites too
and please share your experiences with us.

When you go, ask for Jess and tell them Neal and Alyse sent you!

By the way, They give you blankets on the sofa if it’s cold. Ah , the best keeps getting better.

Visit Brooks Winery 

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Happy Winery Wanderings!!