After the Cork is Pulled

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img_1593-1A note from Neal —

What do you do with the corks from the bottle?  I know there are many wine makers now using screw tops, but for those that don’t, here’s a very easy project that reuses your pulled corks.



Materials Needed:

60 — Corks

1 ­– 6 inch dryer hose clamp from your local hardware store

1 – Flat head screw driver


(Instructions are much easier than an Ikea step by step assembly diagram for sure!)

Stand corks up around corks up around the edges of the dryer hose clamp and begin to add corks to the circle. Leave some room so you can tighten the clamp. Make sure the clamp is in the middle of the corks for balance.img_0001-1        img_0003-2

Helpful hints:

  • Use corks that are all the same height
  • Pour yourself a glass of wine to sip while you’re working on the project

There you go, a really cool trivet made from all your favorite corks.


We give these as holiday gifts to all our wine drinking friends.

What are some of your ideas for reusing wine corks?  Please share.